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Business Event: This is an event in FB that is linked to a FB Business Page (not a group) - these are automatically made public but unfortunately FB does not allow scheduled posts here. You can link any public personal event to your FB Page to turn it into a Business Event.
Business Group
: FB recently allowed you to begin creating groups that are linked to FB Business Pages, these can be closed, secret, or public just like personal groups and can be found under your Business Page Group drop down list. You can link any personal group to your FB Page to turn it into a Business Group. This is our preferred spot for parties.
: You know how you can comment on regular Facebook posts (yours or any others)? You're able to schedule comments as well. Although Facebook has recently disabled the ability of comments being scheduled to personal events/groups, but you are still able to schedule them to Business Pages, and Business Groups.
(Personal) Event
: This is any event scheduled on your personal profile or in groups. It can be made public or private and FB does not currently allow scheduled posts there. Here are some differences between events and groups.
(Personal) Group
: This is any group that is created on your personal profile. They can be created as secret, closed or public and can be found under your Personal  Groups list.
Group Events:
These are any events that are created inside a group. If the group is secret or closed the event will automatically be private, if the group is public the event will automatically be public as well and there is no way to  change these settings. Private group events will show up under your group event list (after choosing what group they're in) to post to - FB does not yet allow scheduled posts in public group events. These events are just like personal events except that in private event groups you can only invite guests who have already been invited to the group.
(Post) Library:
You can save posts to the library and schedule them automatically to any event/[page or add them to any current party or template you have. That way if you have multiple templates and want to add just a single post from  one of them to another you can do that through the library.
(Business) Page:
Facebook Pages help businesses, organizations, and brands share their stories and connect with people. Like profiles, you can customize Pages by posting stories, hosting events, adding groups, and more. People who follow your Page will get updates in their News Feeds. You can find your Pages to post to by selecting the Page drop down list (choosing this option will post directly on the wall of your Page and not in any groups or events linked to it). While Pages are linked to your personal profile they are different entirely and you can send private messages, comment, post, and like as your Page instead of your Profile. You can like and follow a Page but are unable to friend it as you would a personal profile. You can easily create a Page in a matter of minutes here.
: In our system Parties are found under the Parties>List tab. This is what has been connected to your event/group/or page and is actively scheduled in FB and will post when it shows it's time to in the Scheduled On column for your party. You can schedule any of your templates into a party using the Schedule New Tab under your Parties tab or you can create an empty party (by unchecking the box that says Copy posts from a template into this party) so you can add your posts there directly.
: This is simply shorthand for PostMyParty.
: A post is what you create to schedule to FB. It typically consists of at least a message; though a message is not necessary if you wanted to do only a video or photo with no descriptions. In our program you have the ability to choose multiple post types:

  • Just a message (you’ll get the message box with any of them but this option is only a message)

  • A website link (you can add any/as many links as you want in the body of the message but it will post as a blue clickable link - posting it as a website link is the only way you’ll get the beautiful link preview in your post)

  • As a picture (you can upload the picture directly by dragging and dropping it into the box or by searching for it in your files but this option will only give you 1 picture option)

  • As a Multi-Picture post - for this option you can add up to 15 pictures per post

  • As an album link - This option is helpful when you're going to have the same group of pictures in multiple posts/templates. This way you can simply save all the photos to an album on your FB Business Page or Public Group (these are the only places it will work) then upload the album link to this post and it will post the pictures there on the page as a slideshow without redirecting your guests to another page.

  • As a video link (Upload your video to a site like Youtube or Vimeo or your FB business page or public group and then copy and paste the URL from the "theater" version of the video. Due to recent changes on FB the only way for the video to play on your post is to use a FB video - if you use one from an outside site it will require them to click the link and play it directly from that site.

  • Or as a gif - since FB recently changed how video links are displayed this is the best way to display your gif so it plays properly on the page.

Replacement Tokens: This is what we use to easily and quickly personalize your templates using a simple find and replace tool. Simply add [text], [host], or [link] to your template and the system will prompt you to add what you want those changed to when your party is scheduled. That way you can add [host] to your template and have it instantly change it to your hosts name in the party. Check out the article on Replacement Tokens to learn more about how they work.
: A template is a collection of posts that you want to use in an individual party and can be found under your Template> List tab. You don't want to create an individual template for each post but add all the ones for any given party  to a single template that way you can schedule them all at once (using the Schedule New button under the Parties tab) and see them all in one place.

Below shows the organization chart of pages, events and groups in fb (red we cannot post to and green we can):

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