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How to link your existing group to a business page
How to link your existing group to a business page

Link your Page to an existing group, turn a personal group into a business page group, post as your page,

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Link Your Page to Any Group via the Group Settings

You can go into any personal group, and link your Page in the group settings. 

Open your Group and go to Edit Group settings to explore more options and features. Scroll down to the Linked Pages section, and choose your Page from the list to turn this personal group into a Business Page Group.

Linking your Page will automatically make it an admin. to the Group. You will now be able to interact with guests and schedule posts from PostMyParty while looking like your Page. 

If you don't have a Business Page on Facebook yet, you can easily and quickly create one here:

Link Any Group to Your Page via the Page menu

Open your Page and go to the Groups tab in the lefthand menu and select Link Group. A list of groups you manage will pop up to choose from:

If you don't have the groups tab on your page go to the settings tab and select Edit Page:

If you scroll all the way to the bottom it will allow you to select the Add a Tab button and add the groups tab to your page so you can complete the above step:

Be sure to browse our Blog for all the latest strategies and best practices when it comes to Partying on Facebook and don't forget about our Facebook Strategy Group for more helpful advice!

As always, reflect who you are, keep it simple, and Have Fun!

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