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Why can't I find my events?
Why can't I find my events?

What's the deal with events, what is FB working on, and when will they be back?

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Facebook has disabled event use for all posting platforms at the moment. Facebook has not communicated any sort of ETA on when or if events will be back, so we are sort of accepting this as the new normal for the time being. You are able to schedule posts to business pages, business groups, and private groups.

This is due to issues that Facebook has had recently with privacy and security of data. You can read Facebook's official announcement about it here:

Basically all apps have to go through a new review process before being allowed to post into groups or events. For some reason they disabled apps before they had the new review process ready which doesn't make any sense, but it is what they did. Facebook is currently still working on this review process. On April 4th they announced that it would ready in a "few weeks" which means that it could be any day now. 

During this time we've also been in contact with Facebook directly attempting to get our app approved before the official review process is online. We've emailed back and forth multiple times and right now we're just waiting for them to do that. Since thousands of apps were affected when they abruptly shut things off, I'm sure they are quite overwhelmed and this is likely the delay. It's possible that we may have to wait until the new review process is working. 

We've received a number of questions related to this outage so I've included some of those here below so that you have more information. 


Q. Is Facebook permanently blocking third party apps like PostMyParty?
A. No, Facebook has just simply said that all apps must go through the new review process again when they make it available. 

Q. How long before we can post in events again?
A. We anticipate that this will be coming before long but we don't know when for sure. There are a lot of open bug reports with FB about it so we feel that they might be addressing it shortly. 

Q. Is this only affecting PostMyParty?
A. No, it's affecting all apps. Facebook has said that all apps must undergo the new review process when it is ready. 

Q. Why did Facebook disable apps before they had the new review process ready?
A. That is a good question and Facebook has not answered that yet. There are hundreds of angry app developers like us who were impacted negatively due to this. It was certainly a bad choice on their part, but it was likely due to the legal trouble that they are in because of the privacy and security issues mentioned in their announcements.

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