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How to keep your group posts in order on Facebook
How to keep your group posts in order on Facebook

You can keep your group posts in chronological order on Facebook, keep posts in order on Facebook

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In groups the "Recent Activity" mode is the default for posts, but this can be changed! 

If you’re posting something that must remain in a specific order you can send your members a direct link by changing this setting yourself (*see below) and copy and pasting the link in the browser field for guests to click.  (it would have sorting_setting=CHRONOLOGICAL at the end of your normal link - here is an example from our own strategy group:
*Facebook Mobile App, now has the feature to change this setting as well! It looks the same as desktop, and you can easily switch it over anytime you want. You can even note this in your description or announcements for your guests. 


  • Just above your posts on your group wall it says “Recent Activity” with a downward arrow (on the desktop site only). Click the arrow and change to “New Posts”. This setting will default back to "Recent Activity" when you leave the page, so we recommend using a pinned post to remind members how to do this individually, or provide the link in this pinned post.

If keeping your posts in order drives you and your guests nuts, there is a better way!
The most successful consultants have found the best party format for Facebook groups and you can learn all about it here:

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