Creating a Facebook Group

How to create a group on Facebook

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Before being able to schedule your posts to a group, you will need to have a group on Facebook. If you haven’t already created a Facebook group, follow the steps below.

  1. Click See All in your Facebook menu, shown in the left-most column.

  2. A new window will pop up, click Groups where given.

    3. Click the + Create New Group button on the left.

4. A new window will pop up, where you can name your group and invite members.

5. You’ll also be choosing the privacy settings you prefer from the next dropdown box(es) here. Once that’s selected, click the blue Create button at the bottom.

(Note: If you have the option to create a "Larger" group or "Smaller" group, do not select the Smaller choice. This type of group has very limited group settings, which don't allow for scheduled posts).

5. Your personal group is now created! 

If you intend to post as your business page name (instead of your personal profile's name), you'll need to connect your business page to this group. This walks you through how to do that:

Don't forget to link our app to your group - you can view how to do that here: 

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