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How do I save/export my templates if I want to cancel?
How do I save/export my templates if I want to cancel?

What happens to your templates if you close your account

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If you are considering cancelling your PostMyParty subscription, be aware that this will close your account immediately and your parties, posts, and payment info will be deleted. If you ever wanted to return, just log back in and the system will walk you through restarting your subscription! All your templates should be waiting for you as long as you return within 60 days.

We can't guarantee that templates will be in your account upon returning past 60 days after a subscription is cancelled and the account is closed. This is explained on the cancellation page:

(It’s possible your templates might still be there, but the server discards 60 day+ old accounts as needed to ensure adequate server space.) 

The only way to keep templates safe from being discarded, is to keep your PMP account active, or to save them to your computer. You can do this by: 

  • manually copy and pasting each post onto a document on your computer. 

  • Or, simply create a secret group on FB just for yourself, and have your templates scheduled to post there, before your account closes. 

This way, you will have your posts and templates in a place you can access. 

NOTE: You can also convert any party into a template, and any posts in the post library to a template.

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