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Business page group not showing in drop down list
Business page group not showing in drop down list

How to make your personal profile an admin to your business page group

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If your business page group is not showing as an option to schedule posts to, you may need to be sure that your personal profile is also made an admin of this group.

This is best done from a computer (rather than a mobile browser), if possible. Please keep in mind that Facebook has several variations of how a group may look, so it may look a bit differently for you. These are the general steps you'd want to follow:

  • Go to the top right corner, click the dropdown arrow beside your profile picture, and select your personal profile. This way you know you are interacting as your personal profile for now.

  • Click the Join Group button. This will either be near the top of the page, or in the lefthand panel.

  • Your request to join that group is now pending, so now we need to switch to interacting as your business page to approve that request

  • From the top corner again, click the dropdown arrow beside your profile picture. This time though, select your Business Page profile.

  • From the lefthand panel, select Member Requests.

    (You may need to click the Manage tab in that panel first, to see that Member Requests option.)

  • Find your personal profile in the list given, and click Approve.

  • Click the Member tab at the top of the page.
    (You may need to click Community Home on the left first, to see the Member tab)

  • Find your personal profile on that list, and click the 3-dot icon beside your name. Select Add as Admin, and confirm that you want to send an invite.

  • Almost there! Now, we need to swap back to our personal profile one more time, up in the top right corner of the page.

  • Now that you're interacting as your personal profile, there will be a banner either at the top of the page or in the lefthand panel, asking you to accept the invitation to become an admin. You may have also received a Facebook notification, with that invitation. Make sure to click Accept in any of those locations.

  • Both your personal profile and business page should now both be admins of that group!

You should be able to schedule posts to that group now, on PostMyParty.

Be sure to refresh your browser, and if it still doesn't show in your PMP account, please let us know.

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