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Creating a Private Business Page Group from a FB Business Page
Creating a Private Business Page Group from a FB Business Page

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The easiest way to create a Business Page Group is to create a regular personal group on Facebook, then simply link your Page in the group settings

Go to Group Settings and scroll down to the Linked Pages section, and choose your Page from the list.

Linking your Page will automatically make it an admin. to the Group. You will now be able to interact with guests and schedule posts from PostMyParty while looking like your Page. 

If you don't see your Page listed, keep reading.

First time Creating a Business Page Group

If you’ve never created a group from your Page before, there’s three things you need to know: 

  • You need the Groups Tab on your Page. 

  • You need to make your personal profile an admin to the group. 

  • You need to make PostMyparty a trusted app in the group settings.

Add the Groups Tab to your Page

If you don’t see your Page listed to be linked to a group, you may need to add the Groups Tab from inside your Page Settings. This will allow your Page to be linked to any existing personal group, and to be able to create new groups.

Here’s how to do this from Facebook on Desktop:

  • From your Page, go to Settings, then Edit Page. 

  • Scroll to the bottom and click Add Tab, find Groups, and click to add. 

  • Click “Settings” to the right of the new Groups Tab you just created, and make sure it's turned ON to be viewed on your Page. Save all your settings. 

If you are having trouble finding these settings, check this video:

Make You Personal Profile an Admin to the Group

Now that you’ve created a Group from your Page, your Business Page profile will automatically be made an admin. to the group. However, you will also need to add your personal profile as an admin. so that PostMyParty can ‘see’ this group and so you can access more settings (this is a commonly missed step). 

Watch this video or continue reading for instructions and images

Here’s how to make your personal profile an admin. to the group from Facebook on Desktop: 

  1. While interacting as your Page, go to the Members tab and find your personal profile. Then click "..." (options) to the right and click “Make Admin.”

If you do not see your personal profile listed as a member, then you need to join the group.

A. First, change over to interact as your profile and join the group (you might need to click "OKAY" that you've been added to a group) and refresh the page. 

B. Next, switch back to interacting as your Page and make your personal profile an admin. to the group:

2. Switch back as your personal profile to accept the notice that you’ve been made an admin. of this group.

You might need to refresh or check your notifications. Make sure you see it listed as an admin.

Make PostMyParty a Trusted App in the Group Settings

This setting is only available on the desktop version of Facebook, but there is a way to do this from your smartphone or tablet. Click here to learn how:

Here's how to add the PostMyParty as a trusted app to your group settings from a computer:

  • In the lefthand menu of your group, scroll down to Settings

  • On the right, scroll down again to Advanced Settings

  • Click on pencil icon next to the Apps option

  • Another window will appear, you may need to scroll down (or try a different browser) to click the blue Add Apps. button.

  • In the left menu you can search for PostMyParty (all one word, no spaces), or scroll down to PostMyParty alphabetically, and select PostMyParty Business app.

  • Click Add (if there's a lot of white space on the bottom instead of an add button you may need to scroll down further):

  • When you return, PostMyParty will be listed as a trusted app.

  • If you happen to see a "query error" of some sort when trying to add the PostMyParty app, it's probably already added in there, actually. You can try closing out all browsers then try again, or check from a completely different browser, or restart your computer.

    If you check on another device, you might see if it’s already there.

    We don't know why this happens, Facebook always has some kinks that pop up every now and then.

    If for some reason this happens often for your account, you might ask a trusted friend or team member to add the App in the settings for you.

Remember to schedule some test posts from your PostMyParty account to make sure your Group is linked correctly.

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As always, reflect who you are, keep it simple, and Have Fun!

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