This feature gives your posts one of three ratings based on how unique your content is among our users. 

Why is this important? Well the primary reason is that it can help you prevent your posts from being blocked by Facebook. 

When you use content that tons of other people are using you run the risk of that content getting blocked by Facebook. You can read a lot more about this in our blog post "Why You're Getting Blocked While Others Aren't (And What You Can Do About It)". 

What the Content Rating feature does is that it analyzes the content of your post against our database of millions of past posts by our users and assigns a rating to your post. 

Here's what it looks like, you'll see this both in the templates section and also for any scheduled parties:

The green check mark indicates that your content is pretty unique and we don't see any reason for you to change it.

The yellow warning sign indicates that your content is used by quite a few other people and you should really consider changing it up.

The red stop sign means that the content is used by a ton of other people and you should change it up asap.

The bottom line is that before you schedule your parties the best idea is to change up the content of your post until you see the green check mark. At a minimum this means changing the text of your post. 

Since we've rolled out this feature the number of posts that we see blocked by Facebook has dropped almost down to zero! 

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