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Video Link Posts are Failing
Video Link Posts are Failing

Troubleshooting tips to try if your video link posts are not posting

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Update 7/2/21
Since Facebook has been very glitchy with video links lately, especially with the FB Watch section, we have had a hard time nailing down consistent fixes for these issues.

So even if the following tips don't help, there could be a legit FB bug preventing the video link from being posted properly.

If your video link posts are failing, here are some things you can try. 

Always test your own posts, you can do this easily with Quick Post in your PMP account.

  • Make sure the link is correct. Click the link to see if it opens correctly, or copy and paste into another browser. Remember, even a space in the URL would make it incorrect.

  • Make sure the source is a public video. Private or personal videos will not share properly.

  • If this is your own video uploaded to a public group on Facebook, make sure that group also has PostMyParty added as a trusted app in the group settings. 

  • Try putting the link in a Website Link Post.

  • Try putting the link in the message portion of the post. This might not allow the video to play automatically, but the video link will be active and clickable when it posts. 

  • Test your posts by posting to an empty test group using the Quick Post feature, and then click Post Now to see if your post will be successful, and to see how it will look in the group.

If you still have trouble, please reach out to us via the blue chatbox in your PostMyParty account and explain the problems you’re having and what you have already tried. Be sure to send us the link you are wanting to use and where you want it to post.

Learn all about creating your own videos in our blog article: VIDEOS FOR ONLINE PARTIES (PART 1): HOW TO START CREATING VIDEOS FOR FACEBOOK PARTIES

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