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Learn About Using Group Features for Parties
Learn About Using Group Features for Parties

Use group features to increase visibility and avoid Facebook jail

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Being part of groups has become more attractive, because of several new features that have been added as Facebook’s campaign to create a better virtual community to connect people. As you set up your own groups, consider some of these features in your group. Explore Manage Group and ...More and Edit Group Settings to find these areas:

  • Add a quick and clear description about your group’s purpose including: quick introduction, any party details, links, starting instructions, etc.

  • Add files is easy and available for members to peruse. Consider ordering instructions and info, flyers, recipes, printables, product info, guarantees and warranties, notes or highlights, etc.

  • Link any of your other groups, including your VIP group of customers, classes or training groups, common interest or tutorial groups, etc. Look for Recommended Groups at the top of your group and click Link Existing Group, then Link.

  • Link your FB Business page in Edit Group Settings, and linked pages

  • Share a custom web address link for your group to include in private message invites to guests. You can do this by going to Edit Group Settings, then web and email address to customize address

  • Create a questionnaire for people to request to join, to make sure they want to be part of the group. You can ask anything, like How did you find us? How do you know [Host]? What part are you interested in? What’s your favorite food? What’s in your makeup bag? Etc.

  • Approve members before they join, so you can private message them if you want, to verify they want to join. You can assign approval of members to only admins. Or also to another member.

  • Pin up to ten announcements to the top to tell members about the most important items they should read first, or can find easily. This is also a great place to put multi-photo posts of your products. If you don’t have the announcements feature yet, you can pin any post to the top of the group wall. 

  • Highlighted posts - Facebook defaulted groups to make the most popular posts show first on the group feed (these are also defaulted to show as a Highlighted post in your members notification feeds), so you don’t want important posts to get lost. Be sure to pin important posts to the top and also number your party posts so people can easily follow in order. You can also ask your guests to click Notifications at the top of the group and select All Posts, so they won’t miss anything during the party.

After you’ve set up your group and explored settings and features, remember to clean up your wall by deleting any posts announcing changes you made during this process. Now you’re ready to add members/guests and start your party posts! 

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