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IMPORTANT: How to avoid spammy behavior for your group party
IMPORTANT: How to avoid spammy behavior for your group party

Use Group features to avoid spammy behavior, Facebook jail, getting blocked, getting flagged, posts failing

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Nobody likes being added to a group they didn’t want to be added to, let alone even know about. Also, remember that adding large quantities of people to your group is discouraged and may trigger a red flag with FB.

  • Use Personal Invites - Just like with a face-to-face party when using personal invites are the key to participation, using messenger on FB is a personable way to let your guests know you’d like to invite them to this fabulous online party and provide a direct link. You can do this by going to Edit Group Settings, then web and email address to customize address then copy and paste to your invites (email, text, or messenger) and share with your hostess.

  • Approve members before they join, so you can private message them if you want, to verify they want to join. You can assign approval of members to only yourself, the admin., or also to another member like your hostess. 

  • Create a questionnaire for people to request to join, to make sure they want to be part of the party. You can ask anything, like How do you know [Host]? What part are you interested to learn more about? Do you want to join the party this time? If they say no, then you don’t need to add them.

  • Posts approval can be set to only admins (you, and your hostess), or open to all. If you choose to let anyone post, be sure you set up a list of rules to abide by.

  • ABOUT SHARED TEMPLATES: PLEASE do NOT simply copy and paste the original messages of the template you are saving to use for a party. Facebook tracks and blocks identical content and will eventually block the user that continues to post it, so you want to use your own words for the posts to see the best results and to protect your account from ‘jail’. This is also why comments are not included in shared templates - it is imperative that you use as much of your own work as possible. 

Since Facebook controls what they deem as spam and can change at anytime, we can’t say for sure that what you post what will or will not be flagged as spam. 

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As always, reflect who you are, keep it simple, and Have Fun!

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