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Posts Posting in Sales Format
Posts Posting in Sales Format
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Facebook will sometimes automatically turn posts into sales format posts without your input and if you don't get the option to turn that off on a computer (click the three dots at the top of your post for more options) - the only option it gives you is to delete the 'listing'.

The main problem with turning your posts into sales formats is it will automatically put it into 'review' and not show it to to your guests until they have had a chance to approve it (if they ever do).

Thankfully you do have the option to turn this off on your phone but only after it has already posted. Turning off the sales aspect will also take it out of review automatically and show it to your group guests.

But there are things you can do to avoid it from ever posting as a sales post to begin with. Unfortunately Facebook still has ultimate control of how those post but here are some ways we've found that may prevent it from happening:

  • Try posting to business page groups, and not in personal groups. We tested the same post to go correctly to business page groups without having to change anything. This is probably because you'd be posting as your Page where conducting commercial content and sales is allowed, whereas posting as your personal profile (as in personal groups) goes against their community standards and looks like spammy behavior.

  • Don't put item numbers and prices in your posts and if you can't avoid it use emojis instead of dollar signs, as you can see this is the exact same post with the emojis instead and it posted properly.

  • Avoid salesy words and lingo, and some cases a combination of them like "Order" and "Shipping" in the same post. These words flag spam-detectors and they assume it to be a sales post, even if you don't have prices listed. Because of this, they can hamper the overall reach of your post as it will make it seem less authentic. Check your post for any of the following keywords and try editing pictures to do that talking for you: Buy, Sale, Free, Discount, Share, Giveaway, Contest, CRAZY, Unbelievable, Freebie, Giveaway, Offer, Save, Shop, Ship, shipping, order, BOGO, etc.

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