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A Facebook setting regarding your privacy and data and future off-Facebook activity that could prevent your posts from posting

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We've recently been seeing a lot of errors due to people turning off their 'Future Off-Facebook Activity' setting on Facebook. Turning this off will prevent our ability to link and remain linked to your account and will result in failed posts.

We understand that privacy is important to you and you don't want Facebook snooping in your lives anymore than necessary (trust me - we don't either)! We've seen many posts and articles telling you to turn this setting off if you don't want Facebook snooping in your life. Unfortunately this setting primarily controls whether or not you'll receive targeted ads based on activity it monitors - not whether or not it will stop monitoring your activity at all.

If you want to turn this setting off anyway to provide as much privacy over your data as possible we totally understand but because turning it off will also unlink any of your apps and prevent them from fully relinking properly you'll need to keep ours on for us to post as you. I'll provide instructions below on how to do that. Just remember that we take your security very seriously and don't request or store any personal information besides what's necessary and we don't sell it to anyone. Here's our privacy policy for full disclosure.

To only allow our program while turning off the rest you can go here and click on 'Manage Future Facebook Activity'. Make sure that setting is turned on but then click on the button that says 'Activity you've turned off' and click the option to 'Turn off other activity' there you can select all the information you don't want them to save and just leave our program unchecked (be aware that there may be A LOT to remove - most websites will use FB for login or collect cookies which could add them to this list).


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