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New Facebook Page Experience and Failing Posts
New Facebook Page Experience and Failing Posts

Facebook recently unveiled a new Business Page format that is causing posts to fail and groups not showing as an option to post to.

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UPDATE: You can now schedule posts using a business page in the New Page Experience format. Click here to learn how.

Facebook is at it again! They had started creating a new Page format over a year ago but only recently started switching users over. The problem with this is these pages are still VERY buggy. For some reason, these new pages don't play nicely with groups or apps. There have been many complaints made about them on the Facebook Dev page, and we don't anticipate Facebook making this permanent until the proper fixes have been made.

If you have been switched to this new version, it is likely you are either unable to link your parties to your business page groups or having failed posts (with the following error message):

We recommend switching back to the classic version of pages for now as there's really no way for these new pages to properly post to groups.

Here is an article FB published on how to switch back to the original version, which should allow you to link to PMP. I'm also including the instructions below. Please note, before you do this: Any changes you may have made in your groups since updating to the New format may be lost, including cover photos or posts you have made in groups or on your page.

To switch back to classic Pages on desktop:

  1. *IMPORTANT* First, make sure your personal profile is an admin of all of your business page groups. This is crucial, as without that connection you may be unable to regain admin rights.

  2. After that is completed, go to your Business Page.

  3. In the menu under the Edit, Manage, and Promote Page, click the three dots and select Switch to Classic Pages.

(Make sure you are interacting as your page for this step)

Please reach out to support if you have any problems with any of these steps.

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