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How to Relink your account to Facebook
How to Relink your account to Facebook

Sometimes you may need to refresh the connection between your PostMyParty and Facebook accounts

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Sometimes Facebook will expire the connection between PostMyParty and your Facebook profile. They might do this for security reasons such as you changing your password, unusual user behavior, or if you are posting content that Facebook has deemed as spam or is against their guidelines.

To relink your account:

  • Go to the Sidebar on your PMP dashboard and click on Account < Facebook Settings

  • Click the blue 'Unlink from Facebook' button. (If your account had already been unlinked you can skip to the next step.)

  • Click Connect to Facebook

  • A new window will pop up. It will show the name of the Facebook profile you're connecting, and give you the option to switch if it's not right. If that is the correct profile you can click Continue as Name and continue to the next screen.

  • On the second screen that pops up Facebook will ask you to select which groups you want to connect to - the best option is to check Select all. (If you don't you may lose connectivity to your groups).

  • The third screen is going to be similar but ask you to select your Pages.

    Again, you'll want to click 'Select All' here.

  • On this fourth screen you can just click Done.

It should then confirm that you've reconnected your PostMyParty account to Facebook.

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