How to Schedule a Party

How do I get my posts scheduled to post to Facebook?

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NOTE: This article uses the newest version of PostMyParty. If the directions given here are much different than what you're seeing on your screen, you can switch to using the new app.

It's really easy! Just click the Switch to New App button in the top corner of your dashboard.

You can watch the full video tutorial below or continue reading for written instructions:

Once you are finished with your template, you can schedule that template to post to Facebook.

  • From the PostMyParty Dashboard, click the Schedule a Party button

Step 1) Where to Post Party

Now you will need to select the type of Facebook location you want to schedule your posts to - Personal Group, Business Page Group, or Page.

The chart below details the differences between those 3 options:

  • Select the type of party you want to schedule.

  • Click Next Step

Step 2) Choose Group or Page

This screen will look a little different depending on the option you selected on the last step. If you selected:

  • Personal Group - Choose the group you want to schedule your posts to, from the dropdown box provided

  • Business Page Group - Choose the business page you want to use from the first dropdown box, then choose the group you want to schedule your posts to from the second dropdown box

  • Page - Choose the Business Page that you want to schedule your posts to, from the dropdown box provided

    Example of scheduling a Business Page Group

  • Click Next Step

Step 3) Start Date

  • Select the Start Date: This would be the Date you want your Day 1 template posts to begin posting on.

  • Select the Timezone you want your posts to follow.

    For example: Let's say my template begins with a Day 1, 8am post. But my party guests are in a timezone 3 hours behind me. If I select their timezone here, it will post at 8am for them, but 11am my time. This will save you from having to manually update each post for each individual time zone.

  • Click Next Step

Step 4) Template

  • Choose the template you want to schedule from the dropdown box provided. This will schedule all posts from that template to this party.

  • If you do not want any template posts scheduled to this party, un-check the "Copy Posts" option

  • Click Next Step

Step 5) Confirm

  • The details you had selected will be listed here. Take a look over them to be certain they are correct.

  • Click Preview Posts to see all posts that will be scheduled to this party.


  • Scroll to the bottom and click Confirm & Schedule

Your party is now scheduled! It will begin posting at the time the posts are scheduled for.

You'll get the following window:

  • You can either be done here, or click Edit Party to make any changes to this party.

Editing a Scheduled Party

You're able to make changes to any of your pending posts anytime. Just remember that any changes you make in a scheduled party will not show in your templates or other scheduled parties.

From the PostMyParty dashboard: Click Parties, then click the name of the party you want to edit.

If the party has not yet begun posting, you can edit the Start Date or Timezone here. Be sure to click Save Changes.


To the left of any post will be several icons, under the Actions Column

  • Preview: Click this to get an idea of what this post will look like once published to Facebook.

  • Copy to Library: This will make an identical copy of this post in your Post Library.

  • Quick Edit: This pops up a window, where you can edit most of your post details.

  • Edit: This leads you to a new page, where you can edit all of your post details.

  • Delete: This deletes your post permanently.

    Posts that are deleted cannot be recovered.

Additional Notes:

  • Use the Add New Post button at the top of this page to create more posts in this scheduled party. Any posts here created here will not show in any templates or other scheduled parties.

  • The parties will automatically be deleted 30 days after they've finished posting. So if you made any changes to this party and want to use them again, make sure to copy it over to a template before they disappear.
    To do this, click Parties, look under the Actions column there, then the Copy to Library icon.

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