How to Use the Post Library

The Post Library can be used to store, organize, post, and schedule individual posts.

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You can watch the full video tutorial below or continue reading for written instructions:

From the main menu in your PostMyParty account, click on the Post Library tab.

You will see 2 tabs at the top of the page:

  • Libraries - These are categories/folders to organize your individual posts.

    Click the name of a Library to open and view posts

    Or use the New Library button to create a new one

  • All Posts - This lists all posts that you've saved to your Post Library.

You can use the Search field in both Libraries and All Posts to find a particular post, using keywords or tags that would be in the post.

You can use the New Post button to add a post to any library, or the All Posts tab.

At the top of each individual post are these 4 icons:

  • Post Now - a window will pop up, allowing you to quickly schedule that individual post to Facebook
    NOTE: As of 4/22/24, the Post Now function is only available to post to Pages scheduled without the extension. We hope to have that available for all party locations again in the future.

  • Schedule Post - a new window will pop up, where you can schedule that post to an existing party

  • Edit - this brings you to a new page where you can edit that post's content. Be sure to click Save Changes at the bottom of that page.

  • Delete - this permanently deleted this post from the library. This does not affect any templates or parties.

You can add Comments to a post that can be used when scheduled to any Business Page Group. (Any comments scheduled to a personal group will fail, as Facebook doesn't allow them. )

You can also add Tags. This is helpful in locating or categorizing a post.


You can save any of your Template or Party posts to your library:

  • Click either Templates or Parties from your dashboard.

  • To save all the posts at once: under the Actions column, click the Copy To Library icon. Choose the Library you want those posts to be added to. (This option only available for templates)

  • To save individual posts: Click on the name of the Template or Party that post is in. Then click the Copy To Library icon and choose the Library you want that post to be added to.


  • Go to that Library post

  • Select the post by checking the box in the top left corner of that post

  • Choose your Template, either an Existing on or create a New one

  • Select the Day and Time

  • When you’re ready, scroll back up to the top of the page and click the Add to Template button. The system will confirm whether the post has been added.

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