Using Replacement Tokens

[link] [text] and [host] How to use the Replacement Tokens

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What this video or scroll for more instructions:

Tokens are created in your Template posts, first. like [host], [link], & [text].

Then, when you go to schedule a new party, you'll see a "Replacements" option. When you add certain "tokens" to your templates, the system will find those tokens and replace them with what you enter into those boxes.

This makes customizing your parties a breeze!

When you make your template you simply use:

[host] in place of your hostess name

[link] instead of the personal shopping link for that party or any other link that you would want to change up per party

[text] for anything else you might need to change like the time or date of the party

In the sample above you see that I used [host]’s. This way it will automatically use it for both:

Welcome to Sam’s party! (when using [host]’s)

How do you know Sam? (when using [host]?)

This can also be done with links:

( [link]/MemberCenter#/dashboard )

( [link] )

But as with all the examples above it must be:

in lowercase 

only [these] brackets 

no spaces

no extra characters added

When your party has been created it should look like this:

The replacement tokens only work when added to the template. The system uses a simple ‘find and replace’ technique to change them all at once as the party is being created. Once the party is created you can no longer use the replacement tokens in it without adding them to the template, deleting the original party, and rescheduling it again from the updated template. Or at that point using the actual text, link, and host name would be a much faster solution!

If you get the above error when creating your party then double check your template and if you used any of the replacement tokens you have to fill in the text box for them before you will be able to create your party.

If you don’t think you did or don’t remember where you did then fill all of the text boxes in with something long and all caps so it would be instantly noticeable when your party is created then you can just check your party and delete it if you see it.

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