How to share a template

You're able to share your templates with other PostMyParty users

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NOTE: This article uses the newest version of PostMyParty. If the directions given here are much different than what you're seeing on your screen, you can switch to using the new app.

โ€‹It's really easy! Just click the Switch to New App button in the top corner of your dashboard.

You can share a template with another PostMyParty user, one of two ways:

1. Share by email

  • From your PostMyParty menu, click Templates.

  • Under the Actions column, click the Share icon beside the template you want to share.

Enter the email of the person you want to share the template with.

NOTE: Make sure to enter the email address their PostMyParty account is under. They will receive a copy of your template via a link in their email that they can import to their own account.

2. Use a Share Link

This option is helpful when you want share the template with a larger volume of people, without needing to enter their email addresses individually.

  • From your PostMyParty menu, click Templates.

  • Click on the name of the template you want to share.

  • Check the box labeled "Enable this template to be shared through a link"

  • Click the Update button that will show.

This will generate a template link that you can share with others.

They'll be able to click that link and save the template to their own PostMyParty account.

NOTE: Please be aware that neither method will share comments.
Facebook has started cracking down on identical posts being posted by multiple users so we really intend these templates to be a guide for you to help you create your own and not for them to be continuously posted unedited by many users. Not having the comments share is a way we can help facilitate this.

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