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How to use Replacement Tokens in your template and parties; link, text, and host.

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You can watch the full video tutorial below or continue reading for written instructions:

Replacement Tokens Overview

Replacement Tokens are a great way to keep your Templates and parties organized and personalized. Tokens are created in your Template posts, and when you go to schedule a new party, you have a “Tokens” option which allows you to enter specific pieces of information that will be automatically replaced into the Template.

This feature makes customizing your parties a breeze! Let’s take a look at how these Tokens work.

Adding Tokens to Templates

When you make a Template post, place the appropriate Token in its designated area:

Host: Use [host] in place of your hostess name.

Link: Use [link] instead of the personal shopping link for that party or any other link that you would want to change up per party.

Other Information: Use the tokens below for anything else you might need to change, like the time or date of the party:

Using Tokens in Parties

When scheduling a new party and selecting a Template, you will be prompted to enter the Tokens and their associated information before the party is finalized. You only need to enter the information into the provided fields, and the system will automatically insert the correct Token in the correct place.

For example, if your Token is [host], then you can simply enter the host's name in the field marked “[host]” and it will be replaced correctly.

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