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Business Cards

How to create your digital business card

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NOTE: The features described below are included in the Professional subscription level. You can upgrade your subscription anytime from the Account menu on your PostMyParty dashboard.

You can create a digital business card which includes: your photo, a description, buttons to any links you want to share, and your social media accounts. This card can easily be shared with a single link.

1. From your PostMyParty menu, choose Account, then click the Business Card tab.

2. Fill in any information on this page that you'd like to include on your card:

  • Photo - a square image is recommended to best fit this space

  • First and Last name

  • Role - examples: Coach, Team Leader, Diamond Level Consultant, etc.

  • Description

  • Buttons - This adds clickable buttons to your card, which will direct folks to the link you've supplied. Name your button(s), and enter the link you want it to lead to.

    Click the + button given here to add as many buttons as you'd like.

  • Social Media - enter the links to any of your social media accounts that you'd like to add to your card. If there is a social media outlet listed that you don't want to include, you can leave that field blank.

  • URL Slug - add a custom name to the end of the link shown here. This will complete the link you'll use to share your business card.

3. Once completed, click Save Changes.

At the bottom of this page, a link will be generated, using the URL slug you had added earlier. This link will lead to your new business card.

You can copy and share that link with anyone you'd like.

Here's an example of what that business card can look once created:

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