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Do I get anything if I refer my friends?
Do I get anything if I refer my friends?

How to sign up for our affiliate / referral program

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YES! We our so grateful that you love the program and want to tell your friends about us and we want to reward you so we have a very generous referral program! With our affiliate program you earn 30% cash back on everything your referrals are charged for up to a year. So if 12 people sign up for our program using your link you would receive 30% of all they pay for up to 12 months - and at $9.95 a month that would earn you $35.76 per person (if they all stay for the full year) and you would accrue $429.12 for all 12 referrals. There is no limit to how long you can remain an affiliate, no limit to how many people can sign up using your link, and no limit on  how much you can earn. But you will only continue receiving a commission on each user for up to a year after they join.
You can sign up for this marvelous offer here:

You should be emailed your link immediately after signing up - it normally ends up in my spam so I would check there if you don't see it, it would come from:
[email protected]

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