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Where is my party posting?
Where is my party posting?

What to do if your posts show they have posted but you can't find them

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When you check your party in the system the name will automatically be the name of where it's scheduled and the type will tell you whether it's in an event, group, or page. In the case below you can tell it is posting in an event titled Discovery Toys Consultant Training:

If your posts say posted then you can be sure that the system posted them somewhere. If your posts don’t show up in your account when it says posted even after refreshing your account then always check and see where the party is scheduled. If you have identical event names, especially made on the same day, it is very probable that it is posting into the wrong event. The easiest way to find the correct event is to remember that the list is in chronological order if the two events are exactly identical down to when they start then the one that shows up first on the list is the first one you created. Always make sure to make your event names different enough so it’s not so difficult to decipher which one to choose and to delete any duplicates out of FB so you don't end up with your event posting in the wrong  one.

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