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Why does it show that PostMyParty posted my posts?
Why does it show that PostMyParty posted my posts?

Does it have to say PostMyParty posted the posts? Does that turn away guests or hostesses who think it's not as personal?

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This is a FB rule with no work around - they require all 3rd party programs (scheduling programs like ours, photo editing ones like instagram - or any program that’s not FB that posts for you) to show that they posted for you unless you’re using your business page and groups linked to your page. It is the only place you can schedule posts that FB won’t show that you did! Check out a few more perks for using a business page and business page group!

The good thing is people only rarely notice this and only seem to care if you're not present in your parties. As long as you and the host are commenting, replying to messages and comments, and staying engaged in the party then your guests likely will too. Just don't 'set it and forget it' or you may not have the greatest results.

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