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How to schedule a party (the new way!)
How to schedule a party (the new way!)

Steps to schedule a party using the Chrome extension

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Before scheduling a party, make sure you have installed the PostMyParty Chrome extension.

You can watch the video below, or continue on to view the written steps:

How to Schedule a party

From the PostMyParty menu, click Parties, then click the New Party button.

Step 1) Get Started

Select where you want to post your party:

  • Group (select this to post to a personal or business page group)

  • Page (select this to post directly to a business page)

  • Event (select this to post to an event)

Please continue to the appropriate tutorial linked below for steps on how to proceed, depending on the location you're posting to:

You can jump straight to Step 2 of whichever location you choose.

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