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Keep your computer from turning off
Keep your computer from turning off

How to keep your computer or laptop from shutting down while away

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When using the PostMyParty Chrome extension, it is vital to keep your computer on so it can publish your scheduled posts while you are away.

Since this operates as your assistant, it's just like if someone was sitting in front of your computer publishing your posts.

It is okay if:

  • Your computer falls asleep, or the screen goes black

  • Your screensaver turns on

    The computer just can't be shut down/turned off.

You can prevent your computer from shutting down by adjusting your device's settings. This may look a bit differently depending on your device, but general steps for both PC and Mac users are included below.

💡 Desktop Tip: If you are using a desktop computer, the monitors are not required to remain on - just the computer tower itself.

💡 Laptop Tips:

  • If you are using a laptop and intend to keep it open for an extended period of time, it is recommended to plug it in to an outlet before stepping away.

  • Keep your laptop lid open.
    Some laptops do allow posts to publish even with the lid closed, but this varies greatly on the device. If you do want to test if your device does allow it, check that its settings are set to allow it to remain on even when closed.

On PC/Windows:

  • Click the Start icon in the lower right corner of your computer.

  • Scroll down through the menu and choose Settings.

A new box will pop up.

  • Scroll down to see the menu shown below, then choose System.

  • Select Power & Sleep.

  • From the dropdown boxes provided here, select Never (or, an adequate amount of time to keep your device on).

Your PC is now set to stay awake.

On Mac:

Note: Due to the variety of Apple's operating systems, there is no standard way to share those steps with you here.

Click here for steps from Apple for the different steps for various browsers. Be sure to choose your version from the dropdown box at the top of that page:

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