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Does the Chrome Extension comply with Facebook's terms of service?
Does the Chrome Extension comply with Facebook's terms of service?
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Yes, it absolutely does. Our legal team has researched this extensively, and we can confirm that our extensions comply with all Facebook terms.

There are many extensions used by millions of people that interact with Facebook in the same way the PostMyParty Chrome extension does. We have received the same permissions that these other approved extensions have received.

Facebook specifically allows Google to permit extensions to operate on their website. Otherwise no extensions would work on Facebook's site.

Our extension has been built in a very specific way which does not “access or collect” any of your data on FB.

In addition, Google has extensively reviewed and audited our extension, specifically regarding permissions for FB, and has certified and approved our extension as complying with their terms, and allowed us to be listed in their extension store as a “Workflow” extension for FB.

Not all extensions get granted the special permissions we have been approved for. However, our team has worked diligently with Google to get this approval.

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