Import Templates from Vizzlie

For users moving their content from their Vizzlie account to PostMyParty

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If you have existing templates in a Vizzlie account, you are able to import them over to PostMyParty.

1. Locate your Vizzlie user key

  • Log into your Vizzlie account.

  • From your dashboard on Vizzlie, copy the code given near the top of the page.

    Note: The language on their page references SocialGlow, but that key code given there is compatible with PostMyParty as well.

💡 IMPORTANT! Be certain you are copying the code on your Vizzlie homepage, referenced above.

Do not copy an individual template's code - that will not work.

2. Import your Templates

  • From your PostMyParty dashboard, click your profile picture in the top right corner.

  • Select Import from Vizzlie.

  • Type or paste in the Vizzlie key code you had located earlier, and click Next.

  • Click the Import button beside any template you want to move to your PostMyParty account.

A notice will show at the bottom of the screen indicating that it's begun importing.

You're welcome to navigate elsewhere on the website in the meantime. Once it's imported, you'll receive another notice confirming it's complete.

You'll find that template by clicking Templates from your dashboard menu, and locating it in your list of templates given there.

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