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How to use the Adjust Posts feature
How to use the Adjust Posts feature

How to shift the times of all party posts at once

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When posting to multiple parties on the same day(s), it is very important to make sure that you do not have posts scheduled for the exact same time.

We've found making sure there's at least 5-10 minutes between any post leaving your account is a good deterrent of Facebook not blocking your account for posting too fast!).

What can happen, is the extension is loading the content for one post, then is interrupted by the next scheduled post before it has published the first.

This results in one (if not both) posts failing.

Or perhaps, you've just scheduled a party and want to change the times your posts are scheduled for.

To help with this, there is an Adjust Post feature at the top of every party.

To Adjust your posts:

  • From your PostMyParty dashboard, click Parties.

  • Click on the name of the party you want to adjust.

  • Locate the Adjust Post feature near the top of that page.

  • From the dropdown box, select the time increment you want to shift you posts by.

  • Click Save Changes.

  • Scroll down, and you'll see your post times have shifted forward or backward by the time increment you had selected.

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