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How to use Facebook Groups for your parties
How to use Facebook Groups for your parties

How to Set Up a Facebook Party Group

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Since Facebook disconnected the ability to post to Events through all third-party posting apps like PostMyParty, our most successful users have made the switch to posting in Groups so they can continue using their best party script templates. 

Facebook prefers to keep commercial sales and activities under your Business Page, so linking it to your Group will help keep your content within the proper guidelines. If your Page is already set up, you’re ready to create a Business Page Group.

After you have your Facebook Party Group ready, we suggest scheduling some test posts from your PostMyParty account to make sure your Group is linked correctly.

The Easiest Way to Set Up a Facebook Party Group

Facebook on Desktop

  1. Click “Group” from your main Facebook home page (what you see when you first log into your Facebook account/profile). It’s shown in the bottom of the left-most column.

2. Click the blue “Create Group” button near the top left of the next page.

3. A new window will pop up where you can name your group and add members.

You will have to add at least one member to get it created right now, but you’ll be able to add or invite more members later on. 

If you choose to add your host right away, we suggest letting her know to wait a day or two before she starts inviting guests. This will give you time to finish setting everything up to encourage participation as soon as they join.

4. Choose Public or Private for the privacy setting.

We suggest using the Private option for Parties, to keep them private and personable. You may also want to keep the group set to Visible to make it easier for our program to ‘see’ it and for guests to find it.

5. Click “Create” and choose a banner picture, add a short description with Party details and information, and add a couple of nice posts about yourself and your company.

6. Next, go into your Group settings to explore more options and features. Scroll down to the Apps section and make PostMyParty a trusted app for this group.

7. Finally, scroll down to the Linked Pages section, and choose your Page from the list to turn this Party Group into a Business Page Group.

Linking your Page will automatically make it an admin. to the Group. You will now be able to interact with guests and schedule posts from PostMyParty while looking like your Page. 

Remember, you can turn any personal group into a Business Page Group just by linking your Page in the group settings.

What to Do After the Party and How to Use Your Groups

The main function for groups is to encourage community and a safe place for discussion and sharing of common interest topics (remember, you can add rules to your group and monitor the content in your group so it continues to be helpful and not harmful. Explore settings for creating  rules and notification options). After your party is over, you might consider these options:

  • Delete it - to completely delete a group you will have to remove every single member of the group, including admins and yourself (last, of course). Everything will be deleted.

  • Archive it - if you plan to hold another similar function later on, archiving will essentially pause all postings and activities, until you reopen and post again. Everything will be kept the same, including members.

  • Keep it - you can turn this party into a special VIP group for your customers, and post monthly specials or new product information or sales. 

  • Reuse it - You can link another group (maybe a VIP group where you can post new product info, monthly specials, etc.) and your business page  to refer your party guests to, then simply prepare for the next party by renaming the group and adding new hosts and guests. Everything else is already set up! 

Remember, you are not limited when it comes to building your business on Facebook, and can always use groups for other things to build your image, such as: 

  • VIP customers - keep in touch with your customers about monthly specials, new products, live videos, tutorials, etc. (any sales should be kept in a business group)

  • Trainings - train your team members on how to do their best in your team with links, docs, live videos, etc.

  • Seasonal/Specialty Parties - (any sales should be kept in a business group)

  • Classes - teach your customers on how to use your favorite products, use live video to demonstrate tutorials, etc. 

  • Team community - build camaraderie and encourage teammates

  • Common interest community - focus on a specific topic such as cooking, makeup, organizing, healthy habits, etc.

Be sure to browse our Blog for all the latest strategies and best practices when it comes to Partying on Facebook and don't forget about our Facebook Strategy Group for more helpful advice!

As always, reflect who you are, keep it simple, and Have Fun!

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