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How do I combine multiple templates?
How do I combine multiple templates?

Combine templates using the post library feature

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You will want to use the Post Library feature, and can watch our video tutorial to learn how or read this article:

Here’s how to combine more than 1 template:

  • First create a library for one of the template posts: In your menu, click Post Library, Manage Libraries. Then click the green Create New button. Name it the same as one of the templates and save.

  • Then, go to your Templates List, and open the template you just named.

  • Scroll to the bottom and click Copy to Post Library and select the new library you just created.

  • Next, go to your Post Library into that new library, and select the posts using the check boxes. Choose the OTHER template you’re adding these posts into, to combine them.

  • Choose your post details. To save time, just select day 1, 12:00am, then the next posts in increments of 5 minutes. You can edit this later.
    TIP: If you have lots of posts on several pages, do a whole page at once before moving onto the next page.

  • Scroll to the top, and click “Add to Template”.

  • Last, go back to the template you added those posts into, and edit the added posts.

(You can also create a copy of any template, if you want to keep an original.)

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