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Private Business Page Groups

All about Business Page Groups and why we use them

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With all of the upheaval and glitches in Facebook lately, we are really recommending switching your parties to business page groups. A lot of our users have made the switch and are experiencing great success in these groups so far.

A common misconception with Business Page Groups is that they are public posts that can be seen from the page but this is not true. Business Page Groups can still be set to private or secret and this is always what we recommend. Any content posted in these private business page groups is completely private and can only be viewed by the guests in the group.

You can easily link your current personal group to your business page so you don't need to recreate any already set up groups or re-invite any guests - in fact, many times guests will not even notice any change. The only change they may notice right away is that the posts will be posted by your page and not your personal profile. This is required to avoid the FB bugs plaguing personal groups right now but if you don't want it posted by your page name something that many consultants have done is create a page using their own name and profile picture this way posts posted by the page will still look as though it's coming from you and not an impersonal page.

As you can see below when done this way there is not much difference in how it looks with posts posted by your page and posts posted by your profile (and you can choose for the profiles/names to be identical if that's what you would prefer).

We've heard that some users have problems tagging people in posts made in business page groups - what I do is use my personal profile when manually posting comments in the group and comment on the post with the tags.

There are many other cool perks to using business page groups all of which we have outlined in this blog post but the main one will always be this is what FB prefers and so you will have fewer problems with FB glitches or FB jail in Business page groups but here are some other reasons why I love to use them:

  • It won't show that PostMyParty posted them - this is something FB only requires in posts made by your personal profile.

  • You shouldn't have as many problems with FB changing everything to a sales format or question format or any of the other weird post types that FB likes to change your posts to without your input.

  • You can schedule comments on your scheduled posts with PostMyParty. So if you have games or call to actions posts where you always have to manually follow up with comments in FB this can be done automatically with our program which further frees up your valuable time.

If you need any help getting your page set up or scheduling these posts in our program just reach out to support using the chat button in your account!

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