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Get started by creating a template
Get started by creating a template

How to create templates and posts

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NOTE: This article goes over how to create a template using the newest version of PostMyParty. If the directions given here are much different than what you're seeing on your screen, you can switch to using the new app.

It's really easy! Just click the Switch to New App button in the top corner of your dashboard.

You can watch the full video tutorial below or continue reading for written instructions:

Creating a New Template

Templates are where you create all your party posts, all in one list. That way, you'll be able to schedule an entire party's worth of posts all at once!

  • First, select Templates from your dashboard menu.

  • Click the New Template button.

  • Type in a name for your template, and click Create.

  • A new window will pop up, click Create Post

Now we can begin adding posts and content to our template

You can create a maximum of 30 posts in a 24 hour period to any one page or group.

There are several different post types to choose from:

  • Message Only: You can add messages to all post types, but this option is used if this post is text only with nothing else added to it.

  • Website Link: Used to add a link to the post. Once published to Facebook, it will show as a blue clickable link. (If you have more than one link to use, you can add those to the Message portion of that post).

  • Picture: Select this if you want to add a single picture to the post. You can upload a picture directly by searching for it in your files, or by dragging and dropping it into the box.

  • Multi-picture: Same as Picture, except you can upload up to 15 pictures.

    Note: For Picture and Multi-Picture, there will be a Design on Canva option. This allows you to connect to your Canva account, create an image, and upload that image directly to that post - all without leaving PostMyParty!

  • Video Link: Enter a public video link (like YouTube, Vimeo, or a video uploaded to your FB Business page or public group). Once published, Facebook will generate a picture preview of that video link.

  • GIF: Upload a .gif file to the post.

  • Video: Used to upload a video file to the post.

Example of Multi-picture post

  • Next, select the Day of Template (this is not the date of the month).
    You will select the Day of the party you want this post to be published on.

For example: If you have a three-day-long party, Day 1 would post the first day it is scheduled, Day 2 would post the second day, and Day 3 will post the third and final day. Later when you schedule this template to post to Facebook, you'll only need to choose the actual starting date of your party and the system will take care of the rest!

  • You'll also need to fill in the Time you want this post to be scheduled for.

  • Then, click Create Post.

    Your first post has now been created successfully! You can use the Add New Post button at the top of your template to keep adding your party posts to this template.

Editing your Template

You can make changes to your template anytime. Just keep in mind that any changes you make to a template won't show in a party you have already scheduled to post to Facebook.

If you need to navigate back to your template, click Templates from the PostMyParty menu, then click on the name of the template you want to edit or add posts to.

  • Adjust Post Time: This allows you to adjust all the posts in your template by the time increment you select. Be sure to click Save Changes to save your progress.

    For example - Let's say my posts are scheduled for 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, etc.
    If I select +5 min (and click Save Changes), my posts would now be scheduled for 1:05pm, 2:05pm, 3:05pm, 4:05pm, and so on.


To the left of any post will be several icons, under the Actions Column

  • Preview: Click this to get an idea of what this post will look like once published to Facebook.

  • Copy to Library: This will make an identical copy of this post in your Post Library.

  • Quick Edit: This pops up a window, where you can edit most of your post details.

  • Edit: This leads you to a new page, where you can edit all of your post details.

  • Delete: This deletes your post permanently.

    Posts that are deleted cannot be recovered.

Additional Notes:

  • There is no limit on the amount of templates you can create

  • You can have up to 30 posts scheduled within a 24 hour period, in your template.

  • We recommend spacing any posts leaving your account by 5 minutes apart minimum, as Facebook doesn't always handle closely-spaced posts well. Please consider spacing your posts out even further apart if you routinely post to multiple parties at once, to more easily avoid posts multiple posts leaving your account within a short amount of time.

  • Remember that changes made to templates will not update any parties that you have already scheduled. Changes to templates only affect parties scheduled after those changes are made. If you want to update the party you have to edit the scheduled party.

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