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Design a landing page where your guests can RSVP to your Facebook party.

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NOTE: The features described below are included in the Professional subscription level. You can upgrade your subscription anytime from the Account menu on your PostMyParty dashboard.

Designing an RSVP landing page for your Facebook groups creates a more unique and welcoming introduction to your party, and helps you collect guests' contact information for easier customer follow-up.

You can watch the full video tutorial below or continue reading for written instructions.

Creating an RSVP Landing Page:

1. Select Parties from the PostMyParty menu.

2. Locate the party you want to create a landing page for, and click the RSVP icon to the far right.

3. Fill in any information on this page that you'd like to include on this landing page:

  • Cover Image - recommended size: 1600 x 600, or similar rectangular image you use for your Facebook group cover image)

  • Description

  • Timezone / Start Date / Time - This is auto-filled in with the options selected when this party was created.

  • Hosts - You can add your host's name and image here. We recommend uploading a square image for the best fit.

    Click the + button given here to add as many hosts as you'd like.

  • RSVP Form - Your guests will be entering their name, email address, and phone number in this section of the landing page. You can enter a custom title for this form, or leave the "Enter your info to RSVP" default.

    There is also an optional toggle making the phone number required.

  • URL Slug - add a custom name to the end of the link shown here. This will complete the link you'll use to share with your guests.

4. Once completed, click Save Changes.

At the bottom of this page, a link will be generated, using the URL slug you had added earlier. This link will lead to your new landing page.

You can copy and share that link with anyone you'd like.

Here's an example of how a landing page can look once created:

Once a guest submits that form, they'll reach a confirmation screen where they can continue on to the Facebook group the party will be held in.

Accessing your customers' contact information

The email addresses and phone numbers your party guests submit when RSVP'ing are collected and stored on your dashboard.

  1. From the PostMyParty dashboard, click Parties.

  2. Locate that party name, and click the number listed in the Contacts column.

  3. This page will list all contact info for those who have RSVP'd to that group.

Please see here for a comprehensive guide on how the Contacts feature can be used:

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