Email Campaigns

Maintain your customer relationship by creating and sending email campaigns to your Contacts list.

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NOTE: The features described below are included in the Professional subscription level. You can upgrade your subscription anytime from the Account menu on your PostMyParty dashboard.

You're able to create email campaigns to send to the contacts saved to your account.

Emails are sent using campaigns, where you'll choose the recipients, select the email you want to send, and the date and time you want the email to be sent on.

You can also add additional emails to a campaign after it has been created.

Create a Campaign

  • Choose Emails from your dashboard menu.

  • Select the Campaigns tab.

  • Click the Start New Campaign button.

There are four steps to starting a new campaign:

Step 1) Campaign Info

  • Type in the name of this campaign (which is only seen by you)

  • If you want to schedule this email to publish at a later time/date, switch on the Schedule toggle, and select the time/date you want this email sent.

  • OR if you want to publish an email right away, leave that Schedule toggle switched off.

  • Continue on by clicking Next Step.

Step 2) Choose Recipients

  • All contacts are listed here. Check the box beside the contacts you want to send this email to.

    Note: The search bar can be used to navigate to specific tags or names used.

  • Continue on by clicking the Next Step button at the bottom of this page.

Step 3) Choose Email

You have two options here:

  • Choose an email you've already created, from your email library.
    Check the Choose Email box, and select your preferred email from the dropdown box provided.

  • OR Create a brand new email to send.
    For this option, leave the Chose Email box unchecked.

    How to Create a New Email

Continue on by clicking Next Step.

Step 4) Edit Email

  • If you had selected an existing email in the last step, the Subject line and content of that email will be pre-loaded here. You're able to edit either, if wanted.

  • If you had not selected an email in the last step, enter the Subject of the email you are creating (which your recipients will see).
    Then, click the Edit Email Content button to create your email.

  • Once finished, click Publish Campaign.

This email is now listed in your campaign.

Depending on the options you had selected when creating this campaign, the email will then either be scheduled to publish at the time scheduled for, or published immediately.

You can add additional emails to this campaign:

  • Use the Create Email button to add a brand new email.

  • Use the Add Email From Email Library button to add an existing email.

Emails in a campaign can be previewed, edited, copied, or deleted.

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