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How to download the PostMyParty Chrome Extension
How to download the PostMyParty Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension is used to publish posts to Facebook.

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The Chrome extension is used to publish posts to Facebook, using a computer or laptop.

You can watch the video tutorial below, or continue on for the written instructions:

This extension is only available on Google Chrome, and cannot be downloaded to other web browsers.

If you do not already have Google Chrome, ​here is where to download Google Chrome onto your computer.

How to download the PostMyParty extension:

A series of boxes will appear.

If you have Google's Enhanced Safe Browsing enabled, the box pictured below will appear first.
(This note of caution is due to the extension being so new, and will be removed over time.)

  • Click Continue to install.

If you do not see this box, that's okay! Skip ahead to the next step below.

  • On the next box, click Add Extension.

The extension has been installed!

  • Click the X in the corner of this box.

Enable the extension:

  • Log into your Facebook account.

  • Tap the Extensions icon from your browser bar (looks like a puzzle piece).

Tip: Click the Pin icon to pin the PostMyParty extension for even easier access.

  • Click on PostMyParty either here in this box, or where it's been pinned.

  • Enter your PostMyParty login information.

  • Once logged in, a No Current Data window will be displayed.

  • Toggle the switch in the top right corner on.

    The box will circle while thinking, then display all posts that are scheduled from your PostMyParty account.

If you have posts currently scheduled,

Before you step away 👇

To ensure your posts are ready to publish, be sure of the following before leaving your computer:

When the time for your scheduled posts arrive, the extension will open a new tab, publish to the Facebook location it was scheduled for, then close the tab.

Edit Post

Use the Edit button to edit the time that post is scheduled for.

Post Now

Use the Post Now button to publish that post right away, instead of the time it was scheduled for.

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