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Post as your Business Page Profile
Post as your Business Page Profile

Steps on how to publish your posts by your Business Page profile

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You have the option to schedule posts as your business page profile, rather than your personal profile's name.

Note: If you decide to post as your business page, we recommend following these steps for every party you have scheduled around that same time.

Reason being, if you have some parties you intend to post as as your personal profile, and others as your business page, you will need to be present to manage switching between profiles at the time of your scheduled posts - which negates the benefits of scheduling them.

First, your business page must be:

  • a host of any Events you have scheduled posts to.

    Note: Business pages cannot be added as a host after the event is created. So if you intend to post to an event as your business page name, be sure to create that event as your business page.

Then, before stepping away 👇

To ensure your posts are ready to publish, be sure of the following before leaving your computer:

  • Your computer is on.

  • Chrome is open.

  • You are logged into your Facebook account, and are interacting as your business page.

To do this:

Click your profile picture in the top right corner.

Then select the business page name you want to your posts to be published by.

When the time for your scheduled posts arrive, the extension will open a new tab, publish them to the location scheduled for, then close the tab.

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