Editing a Scheduled Party

You can make changes to any posts that are pending in a scheduled party. ​

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You're able to make changes to any of your pending posts anytime.

Just remember: Any changes you make in a scheduled party will not show in your templates or other scheduled parties.

From the PostMyParty dashboard:

  • Click Parties.

  • Then click on the name of the party you want to edit.

If the party has not yet begun posting, you can adjust:

  • the Start Date

  • the Timezone

  • Post Times
    The Adjust Post Time feature is used to shift the times of all pending posts by the time increment you choose from the dropdown box provided.

    Be sure to click Save Changes after making any adjustments.

Available Actions:

To the left of any post are several icons, under the Actions column.

  • Preview: Click this to get an idea of what this post will look like once published to Facebook.

  • Copy to Library: This will make an identical copy of this post in your Post Library.

  • Quick Edit: This pops up a window, where you can edit most of your post details.

  • Edit: This leads you to a new page, where you can edit all of your post details.

  • Delete: This deletes your post permanently.

    Posts that are deleted cannot be recovered.

Additional Notes:

  • Use the Add New Post button at the top of this page to create more posts in this scheduled party. Any posts here created here will not show in any templates or other scheduled parties.

  • The parties will automatically be deleted 30 days after they've finished posting. So if you made any changes to this party and want to use them again, make sure to copy it over to a template before they disappear.
    To do this, click Parties, look under the Actions column there, then the Copy to Template icon.

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