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How to use the extension's Schedule button
How to use the extension's Schedule button

Unable to leave your computer on? Use the Chrome extension to pre-load your posts to a group and schedule them to publish to Facebook.

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This article walks you through how to use the Schedule button on your posts listed in the Chrome extension. This pre-loads your post content to Facebook, so it's set to publish without your computer needing to be on.

This is not a required step, but rather an alternate solution intended for those who are busy traveling, simply don't want to post automatically, or would prefer not to leave their computer on for extended periods of time.

If you have not already, you'll need to schedule your posts on PostMyParty before following the steps below.


This feature is available only for posts scheduled to Groups and Pages - not Events.

You can watch the video below, or continue on to view the written steps:

How to use the Schedule button

First, open the extension:

  • From Google Chrome, click the Extension icon (looks like a puzzle piece).

  • From the list given, choose PostMyParty.

  • If it's not already, toggle the switch in the top right corner on.

  • The box will circle while thinking, then display all posts that are scheduled from your PostMyParty account.

    This is where the Schedule icon is located:

Next, let's get a post scheduled:

  • Click the Schedule icon beside a post you want to schedule to Facebook.

    A new Facebook tab will pop up and load your post info.

    (No need to copy/paste your content!)

  • In the box given, submit the date and time you want this post to publish.

After that, Facebook is responsible for publishing that post at the time selected.

For posts scheduled this way:

You do not need to have your computer on or be connected to the internet at the time of that post for it to publish.

You can continue to follow those steps for any post you'd like to schedule in this manner.

These posts can be found listed in the Manage panel on the left-hand side of the Facebook group they're scheduled to.

On PostMyParty, that post's status will now be labeled as Scheduled to Facebook on date/time.

See below for more about using the extension:

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