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Facebook Error: “You don’t have the proper permissions to post.”
Facebook Error: “You don’t have the proper permissions to post.”
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Solution 1:

Currently (June 2021) FB has a bug that is causing some posts posted by personal profiles to either fail or be posted improperly (showing an empty post or missing the picture or message) and also not allowing you to edit it on Facebook either. Facebook is working on a solution and you can follow our status page to receive updates about it. Click here for the status page.

In the meantime, the easiest fix would be to link the group to a FB page and schedule it to post as the page instead.

Click here to find instructions on how to link your group to a Facebook page. Then what you need to do is delete the party in the system from your party list using the red delete button in the Actions column. Go back to the Parties tab and select Schedule New - on that first step select Business Page Group and then you can schedule it that way - make sure to select the same start date as the original - it will skip anything already posted and pick up in real-time with the next scheduled post.

Solution 2:

The other most common reason for this error is that your account is not properly linked to Facebook.

Sometimes Facebook will expire the connection between PostMyParty and your Facebook profile. They might do this for security reasons such as you changing your password, unusual user behavior, or if you are posting content that Facebook has deemed as spam or is against their guidelines.

To learn how to relink your Facebook Profile to PMP, click here.

Solution 3:

The PostMyParty app may not be added to your Group. If you have not done this before, click here to learn more.

If the above solutions do not solve the problem, please send a message to support and we’d be happy to assist you!

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