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Link Your Business Page to your Group via the FB App
Link Your Business Page to your Group via the FB App

How to Link Your Business Page on the FB app

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If you are on the FB app on your smartphone or tablet, you can easily link your business page to your group.

You can also change the way you interact in the group more easily, so you can switch between posting and commenting as yourself or your Page.

Here's how to Link your Business Page to your Group from the FB app:

  1. Go to your personal group on the FB app. Click the Admin Tools, to view the menu options.

  2. Scroll down and click on Settings.

  3. Scroll down again and click on Linked Pages.

  4. Select your Business Page by clicking the blue "Link Page" button.

Here's how to change the way you Interact in the Group:

  1. Click the profile picture in the lower right corner.

  2. Select either your Profile or your Page.


  • You can only tag people, and invite people, as your personal Profile.

  • When Linked to a Page, the group will be listed on that Business Page tab under Groups or About.

  • No other settings should change when linking your Page. It will still be either Private or Public, the way you originally have it set up.

  • Any posts by your Business Page in a Private Group, will still be private for members only.

  • Keep commercial or salesy posts limited to your Business Page, and continue to post fun social posts as your profile to keep up visibility.

  • Encourage guests to Like and Follow your Business Page. This helps them see those posts more often too.

Here's more helpful info:

As always, reflect who you are, keep it simple, and Have Fun!

Be sure to browse our Blog for all the latest strategies and best practices when it comes to Partying on Facebook and don't forget about our Facebook Strategy Group for more helpful advice!

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