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Help my party didn’t start!
Help my party didn’t start!

Don't panic! What to do if your party isn't posting

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If your party didn’t start when it was scheduled the first thing you always want to do is check out the status column for your posts:

That’s going to tell you what’s happening and why it didn’t post and then this tutorial will show you how to fix the problem!

1.Pending posts that should have posted but the scheduled on date is wrong

Check the day column. This does not stand for the date but for the literal day of the party. If your party is scheduled to begin today then anything scheduled for Day 1 will post on the first day of your party (today), anything for Day 2 will post on the second day (tomorrow), and so on and so forth. If you didn’t schedule it till Day 15 it’s not gonna post for 14 days.

2.Pending posts but past time

If it still says pending like the example above but it is already past the time shown in the Scheduled On column then the most likely issue is the time zone. Check the time zone the party was scheduled for. A common problem is confusing Central America for Central Time (US & Canada) those will post at two very different times!

If it needs to be changed it can be done using the drop down menu, remember to update the party when you have finished editing it.

The timezone can be changed up until the party starts posting. If you didn't realize that the timezone is wrong until the party started posting then you'll need to either use the adjust posts button on the bottom of the page by forcing it to post at the right time anyway or delete the party* and reschedule it.

 *Only do this if you scheduled it from a template and have made no changes since. Otherwise be sure to use the copy to template button to ‘save your work’ before deleting it so you can reschedule it from that. Just remember that it won't re-enter any replacement tokens and will keep the changed text so if it used replacement tokens then only use the template for this one party. 

3.It says posted but  it’s not showing up in my event

If your posts say posted then you can be sure that the system posted them somewhere. If your posts don’t show up in your account when it says posted even after refreshing your account then always check and see where the party is scheduled. If you have identical event names, especially made on the same day, it is very probable that it is posting into the wrong event. The easiest way to find the correct event is to remember that the list is in chronological order if the two events are exactly identical down to when they start then the one that shows up first on the list is the first one you created. Always make sure to make your event names different enough so it’s not so difficult to decipher which one to choose.

4.Failed posts: Over the limit of one post per minute

We do not allow more than one post per minute to be scheduled to leave the account of any of our users. You may notice a red "Duplicate" warning on any posts that are scheduled to post at the same exact time as another. Only one post per minute will post as scheduled, any duplicate posts will fail.This is done to prevent our users ending up in "Facebook Jail" for practicing spam-like behavior.

5.Failed posts: Over the limit of 30 total posts

It is 30 posts in a rolling 24 hour period that starts with your first post. If your first post starts at 1 PM then you can only do 30  posts between 1PM on Day 1 and 1PM on Day 2 and only 30 posts between 2PM on Day 1 and 2PM on Day 2. And  only 30 between 3 pm on Day 1 and 3 PM on Day 2. Rolling means it doesn't reset at midnight - you can't post 30 posts between 11PM and Midnight and 30 more between Midnight and 1AM - it doesn't reset it rolls.

6.Failed posts: Facebook had a problem with it

Facebook hasn't made any official announcement about this. However, from what we can tell it seems to be affecting people who like to post more frequently than once every five minutes.

This is happening system wide with Facebook whether you post manually or post through an app, in groups or events, and many other variables.. The only people who consistently weren't getting blocked were those that spaced their posts at least 5 minutes apart. 

It is also a temporary, scaled back version of “Facebook Jail”. It seems to last around 24 hours or so before their account is back to normal, although that is completely on Facebook’s end so I can’t give a guaranteed time frame. They can also typically still post on their timeline and post comments in the party that they were banned from - just not new content.

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