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How to Enable, Pin, and Refresh the extension
How to Enable, Pin, and Refresh the extension

Making sure your extension is ready to publish your posts

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The PostMyParty Google Chrome extension is used to publish posts to Facebook, using a computer or laptop.

If you haven't already, you'll need to download the extension first:

Enable the extension:

  • Tap the Extensions icon from your browser bar (looks like a puzzle piece).

💡 Tip: Click the Pin icon to pin the PostMyParty extension for even easier access.

  • Click on PostMyParty either here in this box, or where it's been pinned.

  • If you aren't already, if will ask you to log in to your PostMyParty account.

  • Once logged in, a No Current Data window will be displayed.

  • Toggle the switch in the top right corner to ON.

  • The box will circle while thinking, then display all posts that are scheduled from your PostMyParty account.

IMPORTANT: If you do not see your scheduled posts listed here, click Refresh.

If you have posts currently scheduled,

Before you step away 👇

To ensure your posts are ready to publish, be sure of the following conditions are met at the times your posts are scheduled for:

When the time for your scheduled posts arrive, the extension will open a new tab, publish to the Facebook location it was scheduled for, then close the tab.

​Not able to leave your computer on at the time of your posts?

See here for an alternate solution:

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