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Batch Posting

Schedule posts to multiple groups all at once

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Batch Posting is best used when you have individual posts that you want to schedule to multiple groups, all at one time.

For example: If you have a sale you want to promote, you can use Batch Posting to deploy a post about this sale to each of your groups in one easy step (rather than scheduling to each group individually).

If you have a template that you want to schedule (rather than individual posts) scheduling that template to Facebook would be more efficient than using this Batch Post feature.

Watch the short video tutorial below, or scroll down for written instructions.

How to Batch Post:

  1. From your PostMyParty dashboard, click Post Library.

  2. Locate the post(s) you want to batch post, or use the New Post button to create a new post in your library.

    If you're unfamiliar with the Post Library, please click below for more details:

  3. Check the box in the top corner of any library post on this page that you want to batch post.

    You do not need to fill in any information here, such as the Day and Time.

  4. Click the Batch Post button near the top of the page.

5. A new window will pop up.

Fill in the required information:

  • Choose the group(s) you want to post to from the dropdown box provided.
    If your group is not listed, use the Add New Group option given.

  • Select the timezone you want these posts to follow.

  • Choose the Start Date and Start Time.
    The date/time selected here will be when your first post publishes, and which all other post times will be based off of.

  • Select the interval between each set of posts.
    If multiple posts were selected from your library, this will be the time between each new post within the same group.

  • Select the interval between posts.
    This would be the time between the same post being published to different groups.

We recommend making sure there's at least 5-10 minutes between any post leaving your account.
Please consider this when choosing your intervals here.

  • Click the Batch Post button to confirm.

6. 💡 IMPORTANT: Be sure to refresh the extension to upload these new posts.

These posts will now appear in your Queue tab. This is where you can best see the times of all posts you have scheduled.

They will also show as new BULK POST parties on your Parties list.

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