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Getting to know PostMyParty
What to do with a PostMyParty Template
What to do with a PostMyParty Template

Get started by creating your first script of party posts in a Template.

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A Template is a specific set of posts, with designated days and times for each post.

When a Template is scheduled to a Facebook Group or Business Page, the posts will automatically go out in the order you created.


  • The best part is that your Templates are saved in your Templates List so you can schedule it again to ANY Facebook Group or Business Page.

  • You can *Edit the name of the Template and the posts. Just be sure to save your changes and click UPDATE at the bottom to save.

    *Any changes to a Template will not automatically transfer to one that is already scheduled to a Facebook Group or Business Page. Reach out to Customer Support in the blue chat box if you have any trouble.

  • You can create a copy of a Template if you don’t want to edit the original. You can change the name of the copy, edit the posts, and customize it. Save your changes as you go.


  1. From your Dashboard, click Create a Template.
    Or from the left hand menu, click Templates then Add New.

  2. Give your Template a simple name, such as Spring Party, or Basic Party.

  3. You’ll be taken to the Template Info page, where you can “ADD NEW POST”.
    Create a mix of posts featuring Website or Video Links, Pictures, or GIFs.

    If you are starting from scratch and need ideas on what to put on your posts, check out the Best Format for Hosting Online Parties, we have ever seen!

  4. Designate each post with a “Day”* and Time (no need to worry about timezones right now).

    *”DAY” means the “DAY OF THE PARTY”. For example, DAY 1 posts will always be the Start Date you will choose when scheduling this Template (after it’s finished). These might be welcome posts, about me posts, party info posts, etc. DAY 2 posts will be posted the day after the start date. These might be engagement posts, about the company posts, etc.
    This format allows you to re-use the same Template for any Party at different times.

  5. When you have a few posts created, you can edit them easily from the Template Info page by clicking the small pencil icons and saving your changes as you go.

    You will also notice more options at the bottom of the list of posts for this Template.

  6. Once your Template is completed, you are ready to Schedule it to the Facebook Group for your Party.

    TIP: Create a Template of posts with fun content to schedule to your Business Page. This is an easy way to get new posts out all month long.


Now that your Template of party posts is complete, you can schedule your Party.
If you're on your Dashboard, click Schedule a Party.
Or, go to the left hand menu and click Parties then Schedule New.

  1. Step 1, choose the category for your party group. Here’s how:
    If you created this party in a Facebook Group from your Personal profile, click Personal Groups.

    If your Business Page is linked to this group and you want to post as your Business Page to this group, choose Business Page Groups.
    If you want consistent posts on your public Business Page, choose Page.

    Here’s why we highly recommend using Private Business Page Groups to run your Facebook Parties.

  2. If you have trouble finding your group in the list on Step 2, be sure to reach out to us in the blue chat box in your PostMyParty account for more help.

  3. On Step 3, choose your Start Date (remember, this will begin posting “DAY 1” posts on your Template), and your Timezone.

    Usually this would be your own Timezone, but if your host/guests are in another Timezone, you might choose theirs for their convenience.

    TIP: To keep a certain Timezone as a default, go to your Profile Settings to choose your preference.

  4. On Step 4, make sure the box is marked to “Copy posts from a template into this party”. Choose your Template from the drop down list and continue.

  5. Step 5 will only show up if your Template has Tokens in some of the posts. Here, you can replace them with the appropriate words for this party.

    For example, [host] is usually for the name of your host and [link] is usually the custom shopping link. The Token for [text] is more versatile and can be for the start date of the party, when you plan to go live, or a phrase you change up for each party. So be sure to check in the template for the context of the [text] token.

    TIP: Using Replacement Tokens in your Template lets you customize the same template for every party you run! To learn more about Replacement Tokens, watch the video tutorial on your Dashboard or read the written instructions here.

  6. Next, you can review all the posts and details you chose. Click Confirm and Schedule.

  7. Congrats! Now that your party is scheduled you can choose an option to move on.

    If this is your first time, choose Edit Party to view the Party Info page.


When you schedule a Template it turns into a Party and the posts will now go out to the Group or Page in the proper order. You can always double check your Party Info at any time. Choose between two ways:

After you complete the scheduling process choose to Edit Party.

Or from the left hand menu click Parties then List. Then click the green edit button to the left of the party name. This will open the Party Info page.


On this page, you can:

  • See the name of the party (which is always the name of the group on Facebook)

  • Check the destination on Facebook where this party will be posted, by clicking the blue link under the name, that says Personal Group or Business Page Group or Page.

  • See the Template you choose, the Start Date, and Timezone.

  • View the posts from that Template in a list with their Scheduled Date and posting Status. You can still edit any posts before they are scheduled to go out.

    TIP: This is also the place to reschedule a post if for some reason it was skipped due to it’s scheduled time being passed. Simply click the green edit button to the left of the skipped post to change the date and time and try again.

  • Scroll down to the Adjust Posts drop down, to change the times of all your posts at once.
    For example, choose “+5 min.” to adjust all the scheduled times of the posts forward by 5 minutes. Or “-5 min” to adjust post times back by 5 minutes.

    This is helpful if running several parties at the same time using the same template, to avoid multiple posts leaving your account from being scheduled on the exact same minute.

  • Choose to create a Template of these particular party posts, by clicking Copy to Template at the bottom of the list. This creates a new reusable Template in your Templates List.


In the left hand menu, click Parties then List.

Here you can view all your scheduled Parties in a list. At a glance you can see:

  • The name of each Party (which is the name of the Group or Page it will be posting in).

  • The Template that is attached to each Party.

  • How many posts are scheduled in each Party.

  • And the Start Dates.


Go to your Parties List: In the left hand menu, click Parties then List.

You can click the red Delete Button to stop any Party from posting to the Group/Page, or click the green Edit Button to go to its Party Info page for more details.

Remember, deleting a Party only removes the scheduled posts. This does not affect your Template posts that are saved in your Templates list, or the Group or Page on Facebook.

TIP: Any posts that have successfully posted to their destination, can only be removed by going into the Group/Page on Facebook and deleting it there.

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